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Methodology is relevant to research in all disciplines. SAGE Research Methods is a database that focuses on methods over subject. That makes SAGE Research Methods very useful for research methods classes. It is also useful for researchers writing a methods section in a thesis, journal or dissertation. 

There are several key ways to use SAGE Research Methods:

  • Learning new methods. Video tutorials and learning cases walk students through applying different methodologies. These go beyond typical methods issues to include evaluation, experimental design, systematic reviews and more.
  • Looking up major works that discuss various methodologies. These works include the classic Little Green Books of statistics, as well as various handbooks and encyclopedias that discuss how and why to use particular research methods. That makes this database a good place to look for ways to explore, compare and write up a chosen research method.
  • Finding resources to cite when writing up a Methods section. Methods sections for journals and dissertations need citations for the definitions of methods and summaries of how to apply a method. The dictionaries and encyclopedias of methodology in SAGE Research Methods are designed exactly for this purpose. Searching for definitions and short articles on a method is a great way to find reputable scholarly information to cite in support of the methods section.

A great place to start in SAGE Research Methods will be clicking on the Research Tools link at the top of the page, and exploring those Tools links such as the Project Planner.

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By Nina Exner, research data librarian

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