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A powerful new tool allows researchers and scholars to identify connections between books and other forms of scholarly publications. The Book Citation Index (BCI) is now part of  VCU Libraries’ subscription to Web of Science and includes information on more than 30,000 books in the social sciences, humanities and sciences.

BCI tracks the number of times books and book chapters are cited by journals, conference proceedings and other books. It also includes the cited references of the original book or chapter.

Users can click the Get It@VCU button to search for a book at VCU Libraries. Books from a variety of commercial and university presses, including Wiley, University of Chicago and Oxford University Press, start with publication year 2005.  More than 10,000 books are selectively added each year based on well-defined criteria.

Authors from VCU have over 700 items already included in BCI. Alerts can be created to track VCU authors or analyze custom data based on a search set. Explore the Book Citation Index and learn more about this tool.

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By Sue Robinson, director of communication and public relations. For more information about this resource or others

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