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British Periodicals Collection II contains comprehensive full-run coverage of popular and scholarly publications from the 1680s to the 1930s. This collection focuses on the culture and creative industries of Britain and consists of more than 300 journals. Coverage includes publications from the microfilm collections English Periodicals and British Periodicals in the Creative Arts as well as additional selected titles. Journals were chosen based on importance within the field of British studies and availability in American libraries.

Access to full-text primary source materials in indexed digital formats, such as British Periodicals, is changing the nature of teaching and research in the arts and humanities. Researchers can work directly with primary sources for assignments rather than solely relying on interpretive texts.

Multidisciplinary in its scope, Collection II brings the vital British art press directly to researchers. Subjects covered in this collection include literature, music, art, drama, archeology and architecture in Britain and beyond.

Researchers can search the full-text of each page of these publications previously unavailable online. Some 3 million pages are available in high-resolution facsimile images. Page images are available in both bitonal versions, for ease of reading on a screen, and grayscale versions, to provide a more authentic and detailed record.

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By Emily Davis, arts collections librarian

Image: Play Pictorial: Babes in the Woods, British Periodicals

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