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Last fall, we outlined our plans to improve the mobile web at VCU. We provided draft guidelines for mobile development, and we discussed adding a Mobile category to the A-Z index. Today I’m pleased to announce that you can now add your mobile-ready sites to the A-Z mobile index.

The new mobile version of the A-Z index defaults to showing mobile websites (of which there are only a few at the moment), but users can easily switch to other A-Z categories. We will be adding the A-Z mobile index directly into the VCU Mobile application suite (for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry) over the next few weeks. We expect the iPhone, Android, and mobile web sites to include the module within the next week. The Blackberry module will follow in March.
If you have a mobile site you’d like to add to the A-Z mobile index, you can do so by going to Add Your Site within the A-Z Manager. Under “What type of site is it?,” check Mobile. (If you have an existing mobile-friendly site, you can simply edit that site and check the new Mobile category.) Mobile sites will need to comply with the finalized guidelines provided on the VCU web standards and guidelines website.
Finally, we will provide additional statistics through the A-Z index on how many visits your site receives through the mobile index (for all sites, not just mobile sites) to give you a better idea of your mobile audience.

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