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Fall 2011 Student Parking Decal Sales

On Wednesday, July 13th, the Fall 2011 student parking decal sale was held.  A record number of transactions was recorded when at 8:07 AM on the 13th, 162 decals were acquired in one minute.  This equated to 2.7 transactions per second.  In total, 2,263 decals were acquired on the first day of the sale.

VAS/VJAS Registration is Live

Working with the Provost’s Office, the Virginia Academy of Sciences and Virginia Junior Academy of Science Conference web site went live yesterday. VCU will host these conferences in late May. This year, for the first time, registration and payment, will be handled completely on-line. To visit the web site, please go to URL: http://www.vas2009.vcu.edu.

Ecommerce posts 100,000th transaction

On Tuesday, May 23rd the 100,000th transaction was posted on the VCU Ecommerce system. In the 49th month of operation, the VCU Ecommerce System has handled over $63 million dollars on more than 101,000 transactions.

VCU eCommerce tops $6 million

The VCU eCommerce systems collected more that $6 million dollars during the month of January 2006. Since it inception in May 2002, the VCU eCommerce system has handled more than 88,000 transactions for a total dollar value in excess of $57 million. At present, there are more than 15 electronic storefronts (including conference registrations) that […]

ePay now accepts the Student Number

The ePay ecommerce web site now accepts either the VCUCard or the Student Number as identification (along with the last four digits of the SSN) to make tuition payments. This improvement makes it much easier for parents (guardians) to make payments for their son or daughter.