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Video Server Decommission – Final Notice

On August 1st, 2016 video.vcu.edu was powered off and individuals with video content were unable to access the server without intervention from Web Services. This email serves as a final notice that on September 15th, 2016 the server will be fully decommissioned. In addition, on October 1st, 2016 Web Services plans to turn off the […]

Let the migration begin

On Tuesday, 32 more virtual hosts were migrated from the current pubapps server to the new pubapps server. In total, 34 of the 68 virtual hosts have successfully been migrated to the new server. If no issues are detected then the next batch of virtual hosts will be migrated. Once all the virtual hosts have […]

New Pubapps is now live

The first two web sites are now live on the new pubapps server.  They are the Massey Cancer Center (massey.vcu.edu) and the University Computer Center (ucc.vcu.edu).

www.vcu.edu will no longer support FrontPage Extensions

This summer, Technology Services, will be upgrading the www.vcu.edu web server. In an effort to improve security, the www.vcu.edu web server will no longer support the Microsoft Frontpage Extensions. Areas that want to continue to use MS Frontpage to edit their sites will be moved to one of Technology Servers MS IIs web servers. In […]