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UNiversal Prompt coming to CAS!

In yet another devastating blow to iFrames everywhere, effective March 30, Duo Security will no longer support the much beloved “traditional” Duo Prompt. To replace the traditional prompt, they have conveniently released a VCU pre-approved product called the “UNiversal Prompt”. This was announced a while back, and the Information Security team did a nice job […]

New CAS Redesign

At the start of the 2017 spring semester, VCU Technology Services will be switching to a new Central Authentication Service (CAS) website design. The internet and VCU’s web experience goals have changed since the current design was implemented in 2011. Since then, we’ve furthered our commitment to performance, accessibility, and utility. This transition has led […]

CAS password expiration warning extended to 14 days

Most folks need to change their VCU eID passwords on a yearly basis. This summer, a new feature was added to the VCU Central Authentication System (CAS) that warns a person when their password is about to expire. Initially this warning began 7 days before the password was set to expire. Based on customer feedback, […]

CAS makes it easier to change your password

A new service to remind VCU community members to reset their eID password when logging in using the VCU Central Authentication Service (CAS) was implemented.  The CAS tool is used for logging into systems such as the myVCU Portal, VCU Training and many other applications.  Email notifications will still be issued beginning 14 days from […]