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VCU Mobile has been updated

Over the past few days, a new version of VCU Mobile has been released for both Apple IOS and Android devices.    The primary change was that VCU Mobile now uses the mobile version of the VCU Events Calendar (events.vcu.edu) instead of the native app.   This not only provides more consistency and accuracy, but also provides […]

Nearly 25% of the myVCU portal visits are from phones and tablets

The trends in accessing VCU resources is clearly moving towards smartphones primarily and tablets.  In 2015, nearly 1/4 of the visits to the myVCU Portal was from a mobile (smartphone) device or a tablet.

Five fold increase in myVCU mobile viewership

Looking that at the past four Augusts, there has been  a more than 5-fold increase in mobile viewership of the myVCU portal.   With the August 2014 upgrade to a responsive design framework, last month’s 150K+ mobile myVCU viewers were treated to a much better experience. Month      Mobile Viewers       Overall % Aug […]

VCU Keywords have served over 6 million customers

VCU Keywords, known as go.vcu.edu, has now served more than 6 million customer requests.  Begun in 2007 as way to provide a vcu.edu URL that is both permanent and easy to remember, VCU keywords are now providing access to nearly 700 web sites. If you would like to learn more, use any of the existing […]

Are you ready for mobile customers?

At the last Web Users Group, it was mentioned that mobile requirements and testing would be coming by the summer.  It is our hope that as folks begin redesigning their web sites that they think mobile-first and build their sites to work as well for their mobile customers as they do for their traditional desktop/laptop […]

Google Urchin upgraded to version 7

Urchin, VCU’s self-hosted webstats software, has been upgraded to version 7. The new version of this Google product includes a number of added features as well as some improved ones, including a user interface that will be familiar to users who’ve used Google Analytics. We also took the opportunity during this upgrade to change the […]

Filedrop sets record of 176 Gb

During the month of September 2011, VCU Filedrop (filedrop.vcu.edu) was used by VCU faculty, staff and students to transfer a record 176.05 gb worth of data.   On September 29th, the individual day record of 18.39 gb was set. For folks who are not familiar with VCU Filedrop, it is a VCU-created application that allows the […]

go.vcu.edu keywords hits #500

Like 500 Home Runs in baseball, the VCU Keyword application, http://go.vcu.edu, now has 500 keywords.  The 500 keywords have been access over 1.9 million times, with the most popular keyword being ‘eidfinder’.   http://go.vcu.edu/eidfinder has been accessed of 112,000 times.

998 podcasts are available at itunes.vcu.edu

VCU began using iTunes university back in 2007.  Last year, VCU was officially recognized in the iTunes University list of colleges and universities.  At present, there 998 podcasts stored at itunes.vcu.edu.  There are 41 podcasts that are available to the general public with 40 of these being either VCU Athletics or VCU TV/HD.   There are […]

VCU Rams Basketball sets RamCam record

In April 2011, the 11 VCU Ramcams (http://www.vcu.edu/ramcam) were viewed a record 28,329 times.  This eclipsed the previous two high marks of 21,590 set in March 2011 and 19,040 set in February 2009. In February 2009, VCU had 3 big snow storms which always causes folks to view the Ramcams to see if the roads […]

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