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Newest Ramcam shows construction of the University Learning Center

The newest VCU Ramcam, which shows the construction of the University Learning Center, is now live at URL:  http://www.vcu.edu/ramcam/harris/.

New: West Grace Street Housing Ramcam

The twelfth VCU Ramcam went live today at URL: http://www.vcu.edu/ramcam/wgrace. The Ramcam, which is mounted at the top of the West Broad Street parking deck, shows the construction of the newest student residences, known as West Grace Street Housing. To view one of the other 11 ramcams, please visit the VCU Ramcam home page located […]

Cabell RamCam is back on-line

The Cabell RamCam is now back on line thanks to Technology Services’ Media Support Systems group.  You can now enjoy the sites outside of the VCU Cabell Library by visiting the ramcam at URL:  http://www.vcu.edu/ramcam/cabell.html.

VCU Rams Basketball sets RamCam record

In April 2011, the 11 VCU Ramcams (http://www.vcu.edu/ramcam) were viewed a record 28,329 times.  This eclipsed the previous two high marks of 21,590 set in March 2011 and 19,040 set in February 2009. In February 2009, VCU had 3 big snow storms which always causes folks to view the Ramcams to see if the roads […]