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Updates to Listserv Subscription Scripts

Web Services is in the midst of a long process of upgrading the servers that make up the Jupiter Web System. One part of the upgrade process is eliminating old insecure scripts. These scripts are used to subscribe people to a Listserv email list. However, in 1999, Listserv integrated subscription services into its web interface […]

February Web User’s Group Minutes

Thank you to all who attended the February Web User’s Group meeting.     I hope that everyone got something useful from the presentation and the corresponding followup discussion. I have attached a PDF version of yesterday’s WUG 2-19-2013. I found out after the presentation that the Helix Media Library application that we demonstrated has […]

February Web User’s Group Meeting

The next Web User’s Group meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 19th at 10am in Cabell B-35.   The major items of discussion include Web Content Management Systems VCU Branding Standards Helix Media Library Annual Website review and much more If you are interested, please join us. 

VCU Training has gone mobile

The VCU Training application (training.vcu.edu) has gone mobile. You can now use any mobile device to access VCU Training to see upcoming classes, register for a class or see which classes you have previously register for.  As you are strolling around campus or waiting for your next appointment, why not visit VCU Training from your […]

Account cleanup: ramsites, people, studentorg

Every once in a while, closets need to be cleaned out.   We have been ensuring that all inactive accounts and accounts belonging to former employees and students are removed from the systems to ensure the highest level of safety for active accounts.  The next set of accounts that we will be addressing are for […]

FileDrop, WordPress, A-Z unavailable due to system maint on 12/9 from 6-7am

On December 9th, between 6am and 7am, the following systems will be unavailable due to necessary system maintenance: FileDrop, WordPress, VCU A-Z list, VCU A-Z list manager. While blog.vcu.edu will be available, the Movable Type system will not so one will not be able to update their blog.

Inactive Movable Type Blogs To Be Deleted

On December 15, we will take the first steps toward removing Movable Type, the backend of blog.vcu.edu, by permanently deleting inactive personal blogs from the system and the server. Departmental and organizational blogs — as well as any WordPress blog hosted at wp.vcu.edu — will be unaffected. To learn more about the criteria we used […]

Web User’s Group Oct 2011 Meeting Minutes

About 30 folks attended the Oct Web User’s Group (WUG) meeting held in Cabell Library.   Some of the meeting highlights included the upgrade plans for the Web Content Management System, Web Statistics (new version of Urchin and JetPack for WordPress), new modules for VCU Mobile and the mobile strategy for VCU. You may download […]

The new A-Z Mobile Index

Last fall, we outlined our plans to improve the mobile web at VCU. We provided draft guidelines for mobile development, and we discussed adding a Mobile category to the A-Z index. Today I’m pleased to announce that you can now add your mobile-ready sites to the A-Z mobile index.

Our Mobile Strategy

At last week’s Web Users Group meeting, we unveiled some of our strategy for improving mobile web offerings at VCU. Many of the things we discussed are still in the early stages of development, but we wanted to let university web developers know ahead of time that we do plan on tackling the growing mobile […]

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