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At the last Web Users Group, it was mentioned that mobile requirements and testing would be coming by the summer.  It is our hope that as folks begin redesigning their web sites that they think mobile-first and build their sites to work as well for their mobile customers as they do for their traditional desktop/laptop browser customers.

Over the past two years, the percent of visitors to the myVCU portal using mobile devices has grown from 1.4% in January 2010 to 8.0% in January 2012.    In Jan 2010, 97.9% of the mobile traffic came from Android and Apple iOS devices.   Today that number has grown to 98.5% of the mobile traffic.   Also, it is interesting to see that 17.4% of all mobile traffic now originates from the Apple iPad.

Year                  2010               2011                  2012
% mobile            1.4%               3.5%                 8.0%

Mobile Operating Systems
Apple iOS        78.8%              53.7%               60.2%
Android           19.2%              45.6%               38.3%
Other                2.0%                 0.7%                 1.5%

Apple Devices
iPhone              39.6%             24.7%               38.1%
iPad                                           14.9%              17.4%
iPod                   39.1%             14.1%                4.7%


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