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In the 17 days since we unveiled the new A-Z web directory, we’ve had over 30,000 clicks to the many university websites listed in the directory. Shortly after the unveiling, we added in search tracking to track what keywords were drawing people to your sites. We’ve also added more helpful information to our knowledge base about setting up useful keywords.

We’ve also been looking at search data over the last two weeks and adding keywords to some sites as appropriate to make sure that popular searches were bringing up helpful sites from the A-Z list. (So if you see extra keywords when you’re managing your site, you may want to think twice before you remove them.) We will continue to track popular queries and adjust keywords for sites to better improve our user’s search results. We hope you’ll take some time to look through your own information and add helpful keywords as well. You can learn a lot more about creating great keywords in our knowledge base article about the power of keywords.

In addition, when you view your sites in the A-Z Web Directory manager, you can now see the top 15 search queries and terms that result in visits to your sites. Here’s an example from the Technology Services site statistics.

Technology Services keyword search statistics

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