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The VCU Mobile application is now available for iPhone and iPod touch. With VCU Mobile, you can search the VCU directory, keep up to date with the VCU calendar of events, learn more about available courses, explore the VCU campus maps, read the latest top stories, and view photos and videos from around campus.
VCU Mobile is a free application built for the iPhone and iPod touch. We hope to have more applications available for other mobile platforms soon.

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A mobile app is a great thing, but you need to make it available for other mobile os’s, Android in my case. Any news on the development of an app for other devices would be great.

The new VCU Mobile website is now available for all mobile devices.
A Blackberry version of the mobile app is currently in development. The Android version will follow at some point; we unfortunately do not have a specific deadline for the Android system. When we have further details about app availability, we will share them on our blog.

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