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Thanks to those of you who were able to make it today. Rather than posting an extremely long summary of today’s meeting, I’ve decided to post about each item in a separate entry. I’ll link to each here as I add them. This way you can easily pick and choose the items that are most useful for you. (And I can post them in a more timely fashion.)
We’d like to thank the folks at Media Support Services for recording today’s meeting. We plan to provide a video of the meeting as soon as we can.

In addition to the above, we talked briefly about the following systems.

VCU Home Page Emergency Management System

In the aftermath of the tragic events at Virginia Tech a few years ago, many colleges have been rethinking their emergency response systems. In addition to providing better alerts to our community through email, text messages, and the sirens, there is now a system in place on the primary VCU web server to handle load in case of emergencies.
In the case of an emergency, designated individuals within the VCU Communications and Public Relations group have the ability to dedicate all of the resources on www.vcu.edu to providing essential information on the VCU homepage. The system will automatically disable any web hosts other than www.vcu.edu on the primary system and redirect them to the VCU homepage. It will also provide a much simpler (and thus lower bandwidth) version of the VCU homepage designed to more easily share important information. As emergency events progress, the server can be adapted back to normal operation through a series of steps.

Change Management and Project Management Systems

The Project Management System and Change Management System that were developed internally for Technology Services will be made available for use by all university departments this fall. We will provide more information about these systems soon.
Here’s the Powerpoint presentation if you’re interested.
Interested in keeping up with VCU Web Services? You can follow along here:

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