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Barch, Anna shared “docx” with you. – Scam 5/14/21

Hello, please be aware that there is a scam email sent out to from acbarch@carlow[.]edu via Microsoft OneDrive. The email states that Dr. Rao is sharing a file with you via OneDrive. Please note that this is a scam, the sender is not Dr. Rao and the sender is not from the VCU community. If […]

Staff Update on Benefits// Update on Invoice Certification// Staff update on Benefit payments// Payments/Adjustments – SCAM

Hello, Please be aware that there is a phishing attack that has been sent out to the VCU community. The scam email is from Brianna.Porch@vcuhealth[.]org. With various subject lines: Staff Update on Benefits Update on Invoice Certification Staff Update on Benefit payments Payments/ Adjustments The email contains a link to a website that asks for […]

NOT a Scam- Subscription Change Confirmation

Hello, there was an email that was sent out late Friday night from Virginia Dept. of Human Resource Management The email would have stated that you have been unsubscribed from an email list. Please be aware this is NOT a SCAM and is a vendor error. You may refer to the follow up email […]

Scam – Internship Work Order RM-4154 is Completed?

The following is a variant of the fake job offer scam. It appears a VCU account has been compromised and was being used to send fake job offers to fellow students. Please noticed that the sender account is a student account at VCU, not VCU as they present themselves. If you have received this email […]

Scam – Virginia Commonwealth University Personnel Retirement Support

Hello, Please be aware that a phishing email has been sent to the university. The scam email has a subject of: “Virginia Commonwealth University Personnel Retirement Support” from support@publicemployeeretirement[.]com. The email has a link to collect personal data from the victim. Please be aware that VCU HR or VRS are the only credible sources of […]

Warning: COVID-19 Scams on the Rise

Hello, This is general PSA to alert the community about an uptick in COVID-19 related scams. As always, scammers and bad actors will take advantage of a bad situation. There has been reports that there are some scam emails stating that the scammer have access to scarce resources (toilet paper, hand sanitizer and face mask) […]

Connect-VCU, Scam 1/22/20

The following is a scam in which the scammer has posed as VCU IT Support Center. The scammer is claiming that the user needs to update their VCU account by clicking a link or the victim will lose access to their account. Please note that the email address used is not a VCU account and […]

Action Required! , Scam 1/9/20

The following is a scam email in which the scammer has impersonated VCU IT and is asking users to click a link. The scammer claims that in order to keep your VCU account the victim is required to enter their info into the link. Please note that the email address used is NOT a VCU […]

Check for me please, Scam 1/6/20

The following email is a scam email, in which the scammer has posed at the VCU IT department. The scammer is attempting to trick the victim into clicking a link, which the scammer will use to harvest the user’s login credentials. You can tell this is a scam based on the scammer’s email address and […]

PSA: Rise in Impersonation Emails

There has been a large flux of scam emails sent out to the community. Please be aware that you may have received one. The scam emails will usually be “” and have a short subject line, we have seen “free”, “less busy”, “Dean of Department”, “Director of Department” and others. The scammers will say that […]

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