Hydrtrifluromethylation of Alkenes

VCU Libraries recently purchased Science of Synthesis (SoS) by Thieme. It is a full-text resource of evaluated organic synthetic methods, and it provides critical reviews of organic chemistry transformation as well as validated experimental procedures.

SoS has a community of experts that ensures quality, reliability, and valuable insights.

  • It saves time when planning synthesis.
  • It gives practical procedures immediately applicable in the lab.
  • Its logical organization or methods in context helps with teaching. It is useful in the preparation and teaching of advanced organic chemistry courses.
  • The teaching module comprises an interactive index of topics with deep links to relevant content in SoS.
  • It is easy to navigate by product type.

SoS helps to answer questions such as:

  • What is the best synthetic method to use?
  • What is the background and context to the field of research of interest?
  • Which experimental procedures should I use?
  • What should I avoid based on the experience of experts working in the field?

SoS is faster for researchers by providing synthetic routes quickly and saving time on planning synthesis.

By Ibironke Lawal, Engineering and Science Collections Librarian

Categories STEM