The Student Media Center awarded the staff of Cabell Library with a 2021 ITCHY award.

The ITCHys are the annual Student Media Center awards that recognize the achievements of our students and their student media organizations which exemplify the SMC’s principles of Integrity, Tenacity, Creativity and Honesty. 

The Student Media Center is the home to all the officially independent, student-run media at VCU. The eight student-run media organizations include a newspaper, radio, lit journals, digital only-publications, video, comics, and more.

The Cabell staff received the SMC Advocate Award. The nominator said: “The wonderful staff at Cabell Library understand and support the work of the Student Media Center. They dutifully include our work in their special collections. They have sponsored a payment for the artist of Emanata and this April featured Emanata on the big screen outside the library. For their steadfast support, I nominate the Cabell Library Staff.”

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