Victor Oshin & Kitty Archer as Othello & Desdemona in OTHELLO by William Shakespeare. An English Touring Theatre production, 2018. Image Credit: Helen Murray

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VCU Libraries has a subscription to Digital Theatre+, a platform for the performing arts providing students with access to full-length productions, interviews, texts, rehearsals and other educational resources.

Digital Theatre+ features productions from The Broadway Digital Archive, The Royal Shakespeare Company, LA Theatre Works, The BBC, Stage Russia and many more.

In addition to full-length videos of plays, valuable content includes:

  • Documentaries on stagecraft;
  • Masterclasses and interviews with expert practitioners;
  • Study guides to assist students with play analysis;
  • Resources subjects such as Physical Theatre and Design created by and for educators.

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By Carla-Mae Crookendale, arts research librarian

Image from Digital Theatre+

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