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Films on Demand Logo, screengrabVCU Libraries has a subscription to Films on Demand Master Academic Collection. Films on Demand’s streaming videos include documentaries from places such as the BBC and PBS as well as instructional videos.

The videos are divided into subject sets (such as mathematics, biology, physical sciences), and they can also be found via a search box. Some videos could be used for a flipped class.  Other videos could serve as introductions to a topic or to refresh students’ knowledge.

Unlike YouTube, Films on Demand videos are not bundled with advertisements and will not follow students’ viewing experience with suggestions to view questionable materials.

Films on Demand is one of several streaming services that VCU students and employees have access to. These include:

  • LinkedIn Learning (formerly, provided by VCU Technology Services): How-to videos, especially useful for learning software tools including Microsoft products, R, and Python;
  • JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments) How-to videos for laboratory techniques biology, chemistry, engineering and environmental studies, from basic techniques used in undergraduate courses to cutting edge techniques used in new research;
  • Kanopy Streaming: Documentaries and feature films including many foreign-language films.

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By Julie Arendt, science and engineering research librarian

Image from Films on Demand Master Academic Collection

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