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Access World News has added two shortcuts: Access Business News and America’s News Magazines. These shortcuts will help you find information on small and private companies as well as niche products. This is a useful resource to consider if you think you have exhausted all the options.

Access Business News

Access Business News is good resource for regional and local business news regarding industries, markets, companies and products via business journals, news weeklies and law journals in the United States. This resource can be especially useful for business research on hard-to-find news and stories on small private companies and niche markets from local news services. Access Business News allows users to search by headline, keyword, location, company name, source and date.

America’s News Magazines

Provides access to 3,000 full-text news sources for information on people, issues and events.  This resource contains authoritative, staff written coverage of unique local news from around the country as well as national topics, specific articles, statistics, video clips, quotations, facts and analysis.  America’s News Magazines will help the business researcher locate local and regional information on new and specialized products and businesses.

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By Janet Reid, business research librarian

Image:  Creative Commons

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