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Mergent Archives is an online database featuring a vast, indexed collection of corporate and industry related documents, containing hundreds of thousands of reports covering over 100 countries and industries. It uses a reliable and easy-to-navigate system designed to meet your historical research needs. The archive includes the following collections:

The Moody’/Mergent Historical Corporate Manual Collection provides every Moody’s corporate manual back to 1909.  This collection provides a comprehensive and in-depth insight into the history of corporate America. The online Manuals collection gives you access to corporate history, business descriptions and detailed financial statements. The set includes the:

  • Industrial Manual since 1920
  • OTC Unlisted Manual since 1986
  • Public Utility Manual since 1914
  • International Manual since 1981
  • OTC Industrial Manual since 1970
  • Bank & Finance Manual since 1928
  • Transportation Manual since 1909.

The Moody’s/Mergent Municipal Manual Collection provides every Moody’s manual back to inception in 1918.  They include approximately 16,500 issuers of municipal securities and the Special Features section in each volume includes:

  • Moody’s Municipal Bond Yield Averages (with charts)
  • Average Yields of U.S. Government Bonds (with charts)
  • Chart showing Comparative Yields on Municipals, Treasure Bonds and Corporate Bonds • Chart showing State Bonds compared with U.S. Treasuries
  • Analysis of State Highway Fund Operations
  • Income Statistics by State.

The Hoover’s Historical Manual Collection covering over 20 years of the various Hoover’s handbooks. The Hoovers products include:

  • Hoover’s Handbook of Private Companies
  • Hoover’s Handbook of World Business
  • Hoover’s Handbook of Emerging Companies
  • Hoover’s Handbook of American Business
  • Hoover’s MasterList of World Business

You can also use Hoover’s and Mergent Online for the most recent company data.

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by: Patricia Dillon Sobczak, assistant professor and collections librarian

Image: Mergent Archives

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