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propeller-style graphic

The Institute of Physics (IOP) is a scientific nonprofit society with its roots going back to the Physical Society of London in 1874. IOP’s publishing division produces journals such as Journal of Physics and magazines such as Physics World.

In the fall 2015, VCU Libraries updated its subscriptions with IOP to the IOPscience package and platform. IOPscience includes a combination of journals and ebooks in physics and related fields. In addition to the IOP journals already in the collection, VCU Libraries has access to new journals, including

IOPscience includes a historic archive with perpetual access to 65 years of journal content. Most of these materials used to be available at VCU Libraries only in print. Also included in IOPscience are the eBook packages IOP Concise Physics and IOP Expanding Physics.

IOPscience comes to VCU courtesy of the Virtual Library of Virginia (VIVA). VIVA works for higher education institutions across the commonwealth to obtain resources that are shared by member libraries. By sharing resources among libraries, VIVA helps VCU Libraries and other Virginia libraries get good value for their library investments.

By Ibironke Lawal, engineering and science collections librarian

Image from New Journal of Physics wallpapers

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