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With Birds of North America Online, anyone can learn all there is to know about a particular bird from their beak to their flight. It provides comprehensive life histories for each of the 716-plus species of birds breeding in the United States (including Hawaii) and Canada. Information on each bird includes images and videos of plumage, behaviors, habitat, nest and eggs.

Search through various birds by their common or scientific name or just type in a keyword and Birds of North America Online will link to that bird. Once matched to a particular bird, discover articles on breeding behaviors, measurements, migration and more. Listen to the various birds’ calls or songs. Bird lovers everywhere can be introduced to birds such as the Tufted Titmouse or even the Eastern Towhee.

The site is regularly updated with more photo, video and audio galleries and information is continuously revised.

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By Katlyn Pierre, public relations intern. For more information about this resource or others

Image: Birds of North America Online

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