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Anatomy.TV provides users with quality, in-depth information on the entire composition of the human body.

The database divides the body into nine sections for users to search through, including the head and neck, the foot and ankle and the thorax and abdomen. Along with the general structure, users are given the MRI, slides and movies on a particular section of the body.

To help users better understand the general workings of the body, Anatomy.TV offers interactive quizzes, 3D atlases and activities. The 3D atlas allows users to click on various arteries, bones and organs to more closely inspect their locations and functions. Users can access the interactive quizzes to test their knowledge on particular parts of the human body and to get an in-depth review of the body parts and their functions through a “review” button that links to that body part.

A catalog of videos is also available to help users comprehend what body parts allow humans to do certain movements. The VCU Libraries’ subscription to AnatomyTV now includes the Real Time feature. Real Time allows users to view three-dimensional images of human anatomy and capture images of selected views to later insert into emails and presentations. Real Time works best through Internet Explorer.

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By Katlyn Pierre, public relations intern. For more information about this resource or others

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