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Web CMS moved to new server

The Web Content Management System (CMS) was successfully moved to a new server this morning.  In addition to now running on significantly faster hardware, the editing and publishing of web sites was split across different virtual hosts which should improve overall performance.

VCU Search now includes the A-Z list

The VCU A-Z list, which contains the official web sites of VCU departments, programs, schools, colleges, centers and institutes, was added to the VCU Search results page.   This enhancement should enable VCU web site visitors to better locate relevant information.

Inquisite was successfully upgraded to version 9.5

Inquisite, VCU’s easy-to-use automated survey software system, was successfully upgraded to version 9.5. If you experience any issues, please contact the Technology Services help desk at 828-2227 or help@vcu.edu.

New Technology Services Web Site

After months of planning and content consolidation, the new Technology Services (TS) web site was unveiled on June 1, 2009. The new TS web site is being managed by VCU Web Content Management System (OpenText). During the summer months the web site will become richer with more content and the old TS web site will […]

VCU Keywords – go.vcu.edu

In January 2007, VCU keywords were unveiled. The intent of the VCU Keywords (http://go.vcu.edu/keyword) system is two-fold. The first is to provide a permanent URL for information no matter how often the web site is redesigned or restructured. The second is to provide a simplified form for very long or difficult to remember URLs. Today, […]

Primary web server moved to new hardware

On Tuesday, August 15th, the primary VCU web server (www.vcu.edu) was successfully move to new hardware. The new server will not only be able to handle the ever increasing request for web pages, but also improves security by 1) requiring only secure transmission of files to the server and 2) no longer supporting FrontPage extensions. […]

Cary Street Ramcam

The Cary Street Ramcam was brought on line today making it the 8th web camera at Virginia Commonwealth University. From this camera (www.vcu.edu/ramcam), you can view the activities on the Cary Street Field, see the Life Sciences Building, get a great view of downtown Richmond and see the flow of traffic on the downtown expressway. […]

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