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In January 2007, VCU keywords were unveiled. The intent of the VCU Keywords (http://go.vcu.edu/keyword) system is two-fold. The first is to provide a permanent URL for information no matter how often the web site is redesigned or restructured. The second is to provide a simplified form for very long or difficult to remember URLs.

Today, there are 170 keywords and they have been used over 80,000 times.

While there are many equivalent systems, none carry the vcu.edu domain which assures your customers that they are dealing with Virginia Commonwealth University.

Other key advantages are that

  1. You can change the destination of the keyword when ever necessary
  2. You can track how often a keyword is utilized – great for marketing campaigns to see if you really got the word out.
  3. Management of the keywords is controlled by your VCU eID and password.
  4. Ownership of keywords can be transferred to another person if the responsibilities of the previous keyword owner changed.
  5. You can also request that a keyword be public, authenticated or private.

To learn more about VCU Keywords, you may go to URL:  http://go.vcu.edu/help.

To get started, simply go the VCU Keyword home page, http://go.vcu.edu and click “Manage my Keywords”.

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