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Over the past few years, we’ve tested several options to run university wikis. We began with MediaWiki as the most well-known wiki engine. It worked well but was very difficult for non-technical users to grasp. When we began testing Confluence, we knew we’d found a winner – it was easy for new users to grasp but even more powerful for our advanced users.
You can create a Confluence account simply by logging in to Confluence using CAS. To create a personal wiki, you would then hover your mouse over your name in the top right corner and click “Create Personal Space.” To request a departmental wiki, you’ll need to email Hugh Eaves (we’ll have more documentation available soon). You can restrict access to your personal or departmental wiki to specific eIDs or to LDAP groups.
For now, the URL for confluence is http://confluence.vcu.edu. Soon, we hope to redirect http://wiki.vcu.edu to Confluence (once the remaining users have been moved off of MediaWiki).
You can read more about using Confluence in the Confluence User’s Guide. Or watch an overview of how Confluence works.

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