Reach your limit of free news articles? Free full text access is available to the Richmond Times DispatchWashington PostNew York Times, Wall Street Journal and Chronicle of Higher Education through their online websites, or through their item records in VCU Libraries Search (Richmond Times Dispatch | Washington Post | New York Times | Wall Street Journal | Chronicle of Higher Education ).

  • Richmond Times Dispatch: Access through Access World News.
  • Washington Post: When connected to the campus network, go directly to and receive full content access without having to log in. However, to save articles, subscribe to newsletters, use the app, or to access articles when off the campus network, you can create a Washington Post account with your VCU email to activate individual access.
  • New York Times: Users can activate their free NYT Academic Pass account by going to when connected to the campus network. Once activated, the  academic pass is valid through the student’s year of graduation; faculty and staff passes are valid for four years, and can be renewed.  A helpful video show the free account activation process.
  • Wall Street Journal: To create an account, go to and sign in using your VCU login. Users can sign up as a student (an expected graduation date must be provided), staff or professor. If a student or faculty/staff subscriber has a personal WSJ subscription and would like to convert it to their VCU subscription, call 1-800-JOURNAL to cancel.
  • Chronicle of Higher Education:  From on campus, access it directly at From off campus, access it directly with:

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