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SciFindern is the new version of SciFinder available at VCU beginning January 2021. It is new and improved with a different interface and search algorithm, including ranking results by relevance. It still provides the same access research as the previous SciFinder. It is the key to unlocking chemistry Research and Development productivity. It helps to search faster and smarter.

Benefits to authors and researchers include…

  • It provides direct access to all CAS content including patents.
  • It reduces the time taken to perform literature reviews
  • It also reduces the time required for synthetic planning
  • It gives step-by-step synthetic procedures
  • It is effective for devising routes for both known and unknown molecules
  • It performs retrosynthetic analysis
  • It offers quick access to information on material suppliers

Another benefit of SciFindern is that it includes patent information to discover who else is working in the space and where there are infringement risks. It helps to:

  • Locate opportunities for innovation
  • Provide access to industry-leading capabilities

With SciFinder, researchers work more quickly, are more innovative, and more confident.

By Ibironke Lawal, engineering and science collections librarian

Categories Engineering, STEM