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New myVCU portal statistics

For the 1 month period from Aug 17th to Sep 16th, there were 1.25 million logins for the new myVCU portal which represents an average of 40,218 logins per day.    The single highest day of 74,531 occurred on Aug 20th, the first day of class.

National Student Clearinghouse Enrollment Verification is working again

The National Student Clearinghouse Enrollment Verification is working again.   The issues that prevented the single sign-on process have been resolved.  To verify your enrollment, log into the new myVCU portal and click the Enrollment Verification link located in the Resources gadget.

The new myVCU Portal is now live.

In 2004, we introduced the first myVCU Portal to the University. On August 6, 2009, we updated to a new myVCU Portal. While much is the same, there are some significant differences and enhancements, including: The myVCU Portal now consists of two portals: Standard and Custom The tabs are now the same for all members of […]

myVCU Portal response time improves

With the beginning of the Fall semester, the portal usage increased significantly. With that, a bug in the Oracle code was exposed that caused a significant delay (up to 15 seconds) during the login process. Last week the problem was reported to Oracle. Today, Hugh contacted Oracle again and this time got a different engineer […]

Single sign on to banner

Self Service banner has been added to the portal. You simply need to log into the portal and from the Single Sign’on Links Portlet, click on the ‘Banner Self Service for Employees’ link to seemlessly access Banner. There employees can view their pay stuff, leave balances and other information effective July 1, 2006. Also, employees […]

myVCU Portal is Upgraded

The myVCU Portal was upgraded from version 9 to version 10. This will allow for some noticable improvements. The load time for each page has been reduced. Also, within a sec or so, content begins to load and slow loading content fills in later. Previously, the tab did not load until the content was completely […]

Portal Bug Fixed

The thread lockup issue that was causing the load average to jump up on myVCU Portal application server has now been fixed. This will resolve the periodic issue of significant response time slow down with accessing the portal, accessing a new tab within the portal or modifying a portlet within a particular tab.

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