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We are officially releasing WordPress as an option as of today.

The URL for wordpress is:  http://wp.vcu.edu.

Like the MoveableType blog, to get a personal account one simply goes to URL:  http://wp.vcu.edu and login with your VCU eID and password.

Once you have a personal blog, you may create a non-personal blog by using the WordPress dashboard tools.

Unless you request one of the 500 reserved names (e.g. biology), the non-personal blog will be created automatically.

If you want to create a site for one of the reserved names then you will need to contact the VCU Webmaster (Jonathan Cox, jcox9@vcu.edu) and he will create the blog for you.

The initial reserved list consists of DNS names and go.vcu.edu keywords that are currently in production.

Since we are just bringing up WordPress much of the online documentation that one would expect is just not there yet.   In general, the rules for the MovableType blog (blog.vcu.edu) will hold true for the WordPress Blog.

As for MovableType, we will run the blog for at least one more calendar year.  We will need time to allow folks to migrate on their own and then figure out if or how we mass migrate the ones who have not done so.

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