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Updates from the Aerosol Research Group at VCU

We are putting final preparations for RDD 2016 together. Please plan to stop by our posters and meet our graduate students and post-docs.

Mandana Azimi will be presenting her poster entitled “Comparison of the In vitro Deposition of Nasonex® Nasal Spray Product in Two Realistic Nasal Airway Models”.

Xiangyin Wei and Khanh Huynh will be presenting their poster entitled “Evaluating Electrostatic Drug Deposition in Plastic Mouth-Throat Models with Budelin® Novolizer®”.

Mike Hindle will be presenting his poster entitled “Lung Surfactant Excipient Enhanced Growth (EEG) Aerosol Formulations”.

It will be a busy meeting with Dr. Worth Longest presenting a podium presentation entitled “Bioequivalence Testing: Can Systemic Pharmacokinetic Profiles from Corticosteriod Nasal Sprays be used to Elucidate Local Drug Deposition With the Nose?” on Wednesday 20th April at 3.00 pm.

You can find out more about the meeting at : http://www.rddonline.com/index.php

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