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Updates from the Aerosol Research Group at VCU

The last year has been very busy as we progress our development of an inhaled powder surfactant formulation for the treatment of infants with Respiratory Distress Syndrome. Here is a recent VCU news article about this work.

Our lab has a number of new members, including Dr. Felicia Hall and Dr. Caleb Dalton as Post Doctoral Fellows. Dr. Mohammad Momin was promoted to Research Assistant Professor. Congratulations !!!

Jheanelle Atkinson (PharmD Student), presented her work at our recent VCU School of Pharmacy Research and Career Day. Her poster was entitled “Investigation of the effect of storage conditions on the physicochemical stability of a synthetic lung surfactant dry powder formulation”.

We continue to open to lab to give research experiences to VCU students from across the campus. Sara Arnaout, a P3 PharmD student joined the group for a research elective in Spring 2024. And we also welcomed Nadeem Jaheer for a research elective in the Spring 2024 semester, Nadeem is majoring in Biology here at VCU.

We said good luck to Nicole Sadler who worked in the lab during her time at VCU pursuing her Chemistry BS and Masters Degrees. Good luck Nicole at Eurofins and thank you !

Dr. Hindle was elected as a Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors and was inducted at their annual meeting in July 2023.

Our latest publications include:

Development of an effective two-equation turbulence modeling approach for simulating aerosol deposition across a range of turbulence levels. H Jubaer, M Thomas, D Farkas, AV Kolanjiyil, MAM Momin, M Hindle, … Journal of Aerosol Science 175, 106262 1 2024

Advancement of a high-dose infant air-jet dry powder inhaler (DPI) with passive cyclic loading: Performance tuning for different formulations. C Howe, MAM Momin, G Aladwani, S Strickler, M Hindle, W Longest. International Journal of Pharmaceutics 643, 123199 2023

Effects of Different Mesh Nebulizer Sources on the Dispersion of Powder Formulations Produced with a New Small-Particle Spray Dryer. G Aladwani, MAM Momin, B Spence, DR Farkas, S Bonasera, A Hassan, …
International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 123138 2023

Near Elimination of In Vitro Predicted Extrathoracic Aerosol Deposition in Children Using a Spray-Dried Antibiotic Formulation and Pediatric Air-Jet DPI. D Farkas, ML Thomas, A Hassan, S Bonasera, M Hindle, W Longest. Pharmaceutical Research 40 (5), 1193-1207 3 2023

Establishing quantitative relationships between changes in nasal spray in vitro metrics and drug delivery to the posterior nasal region. AV Kolanjiyil, R Walenga, A Babiskin, L Golshahi, M Hindle, W Longest.
International Journal of Pharmaceutics 635, 122718 3 2023.

New Air-Jet Dry Powder Insufflator for High-Efficiency Aerosol Delivery to Rats. R Pangeni, AAM Hassan, D Farkas, H Sudarjat, W Longest, M Hindle, … Molecular Pharmaceutics 20 (4), 2207-2216 1 2023

Airway mucus in pulmonary diseases: Muco-adhesive and muco-penetrating particles to overcome the airway mucus barriers. R Pangeni, T Meng, S Poudel, D Sharma, H Hutsell, J Ma, BK Rubin, …
International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 122661 19 2023

Effects of nasal anatomical characteristics and administration parameters on delivery of locally-acting drugs with suspension nasal sprays in adults S Hosseini, A Alfaifi, AR Esmaeili, D Edwards, T Schuman, W Longest, …Journal of Aerosol Science 167, 106101

Finally, we received a US Patent for one of our key inhaler device patents. US Patent # 11,690,964, Devices, systems, and methods for dry powder therapies was issued 7/4/2023. Congratulations to inventors, Worth Longest, Dale Farkas, Susan Boc and Mike Hindle.


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