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Updates from the Aerosol Research Group at VCU

Congratulations to Serena Bonasera, Ph.D., its official. Google Scholar listed her dissertation. Despite a pandemic shutting down the lab, she successfully completed her research project and defended her dissertation recently. Serena has been an invaluable lab member of the last 4 years. Always enthusiastic to learn and become the best scientist possible. Thanks for all your help, Serena, and good luck.

As Serena leaves the lab, we are pleased to welcome Dr. Sarah Aboelela to the Aerosol Research Group. Sarah has recently graduated from Dr. Tom Ropers lab in the College of Engineering at VCU. She brings a wide range of pharmaceutical manufacturing expertise to the group.

Our research project continue to expand with new projects and collaborations with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and a collaborative project with the US FDA awarded to Dr. Worth Longest‘s group. This 2nd Gates Foundation grant has allowed the lab to expand its dry powder formulation stability study capabilities with the purchase of bench top blister packaging machine for capsules, together with new stability ovens and a state of the art bubble pressure tensiometer. We will be focusing on the development of surfactant formulations and devices for delivery to neonates in low resource settings. This new FDA U01 is focused on the development of CFD models to aid the development of generic metered dose inhalers.

Our students and post docs continue to publish high impact papers including :

Performance of Low Air Volume Dry Powder Inhalers (LV-DPI) when Aerosolizing Excipient Enhanced Growth (EEG) Surfactant Powder Formulations S Boc, MAM Momin, DR Farkas, W Longest, M Hindle. AAPS PharmSciTech 22 (4), 1-12

Development and Characterization of Excipient Enhanced Growth (EEG) Surfactant Powder Formulations for Treating Neonatal Respiratory Distress Syndrome S Boc, MAM Momin, DR Farkas, W Longest, M Hindle. AAPS PharmSciTech 22 (4), 1-12

Advancement of the Infant Air-Jet Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI): Evaluation of Different Positive-Pressure Air Sources and Flow Rates C Howe, MAM Momin, DR Farkas, S Bonasera, M Hindle, P Longest. Pharmaceutical Research 38 (9), 1615-1632

We are looking forward to resuming conference presentations in 2022, with RDD 2022 in Orlando being the highlight for next year.

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