Hindle Lab

Updates from the Aerosol Research Group at VCU

The New Year brings a number of changes in the research lab:

After nearly 30 years at VCU and leading the Aerosol Research Group, we said farewell to Dr. Peter Byron. Pete has been a great supporter of my research, a good friend and we hope to still see him around the labs as he continues to work on the RDD conferences.IMG_20151210_121448739_HDR   IMG_20151210_124741058

We celebrated his last ARG discussion group meeting with a lunch from around the world !

You can read more about Dr. Byron and his retirement here:



We also said goodbye to Anubhav, as he made the move to join the FDA as an ORISE Fellow. Good luck Anu and thanks for all your work.


Finally, congratulations to Mandana Azimi, who successfully completed her written and oral comprehensive exams. In other news, Mandana was also elected as the student representative on the AAPS Inhalation and Nasal Technology Focus Group steering committee.