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Joining Meetings Via Phone

Although Zoom is designed as a video conferencing solution, it is possible to join meetings via telephone as an audio-only participant. The standard wording of a Zoom Meeting invitation includes multiple dial-in numbers for phone-based participants to choose from based on their geographic location. When joining via phone, you’ll be greeted by an auto-attendant that […]

Advanced Polling Options

Zoom versions 5.8.3 and higher provide advanced options for user polls. Previously, hosts were able to pose multiple choice questions with one or more possible correct answers. Now, you can also create polls that include “matching” questions, rank-ordered responses, or short or long text responses. Please note that in order for this to work, you […]

Auto-Update feature in Zoom 5.8.6

Version 5.8.6 of the Zoom desktop client became available on Nov 29.  Among other (mostly minor) changes, this version adds an “auto update” feature that’s enabled by default.  If you choose to install the update, a pop-up window lets you choose the frequency for updates, or disable the feature by un-checking a box. Note: If […]

How to Give Control Of Your Slideshow to Participants

With Zoom versions 5.8.3 and higher, you can allow your meeting participants to control slideshows shared from your computer. This is a helpful feature in situations where you may be hosting a slideshow for a presenter who doesn’t have it loaded on their own device, or when sharing a turn-based group presentation where multiple participants […]

Assigning and Using the “Scheduler” Privelege

As a VCU Zoom user, you have the ability to grant a trusted colleague or assistant the power to add meetings to your schedule, meetings that list you as the official owner and host even though they were created by someone else on your behalf. To use this feature, you’ll need to log into your […]

Updates to the Meeting Registration Feature

Released this week, version 5.8.0 of the Zoom software client offers a number of new features. Among them is the ability to limit the number of persons who can register to attend your meetings, a feature previously available only in Zoom Webinars. To access this feature, the first step is to download Zoom version 5.8.0. […]

A Note About Participant Limits

In case you’ve ever wondered, the most participants you can include in a meeting on the VCU Zoom account is 300. You can verify this by logging in at and check your “Profile” tab. Under “Account” you should see that you are a “Licensed” user with access to meetings that support 300 participants. In […]

Attendance Reports

Yet another helpful feature in Zoom is the ability to run meeting attendance reports. To take advantage of this feature, log in at and click on “Reports” from the left navigation bar. When presented with the option, choose “Usage.“ From the list of recent meetings, pick the one you want. It may be necessary […]

Captioning Update

Zoom’s live captioning feature has now been enabled for all VCU users by default. It’s still up to you as host whether and when to actually use the feature. If you want to send out live captions in the course of your meeting, use the “Live Transcription” button in the Zoom taskbar and then click […]

Improved Collaboration for VCU Zoom Users

As some users will know, VCU Zoom is actually divided into two accounts: a “HIPAA” account for departments and units dealing with protected health care information, and a “Main” account for all other users. One of the side effects of this division has been a limited ability to collaborate between accounts. Users on the “HIPAA” […]

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