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New “Zoom Pro 1.3” Tool in Canvas

Canvas Third Party Tool Removals & Upgrades have been completed by the VCU Learning Systems team (see the LS Blog for more details). Users of the “Zoom” and “Zoom HIPAA” tools in Canvas will note that these options have disappeared from their course navigation. To re-enable access, go to “Settings” and under the “Navigation” tab, look […]

Zoom 6.0 Is Here

Released on April 15, Zoom version 6.0 brings with it more numerous and significant changes than the typical update, including an overall change to the look and feel of the user interface and a new name for the application itself, now rebranded as “Zoom Workplace.” The overall visual environment has been overhauled with newly available […]

Security Vulnerability May Require Client Update

Zoom has identified a critical vulnerability in its Windows client versions 5.16.5 and below, where “improper input validation in Zoom Desktop Client for Windows…may allow an unauthenticated user to conduct an escalation of privilege via network access.” Zoom recommends that all users update to the latest version of the client as soon as possible to avoid risk. […]

Changes to the Zoom Portal Page

After January 9, your VCU Zoom account page will display a slightly updated header and footer, featuring VCU branding and links to VCU-specific resources. The current design displays Zoom’s default links to information about their various product offerings, plans and pricing, press releases, etc., most of which is not relevant or helpful to users on […]

New Home for Zoom Resources

Zoom support and resources information have been relocated from the TS askIT knowledge base to the Academic Technologies website.  Please update any bookmarks or links you may have to the new URL: or

A Note About Security, AI and Zoom’s Terms of Service

Recent media reports have suggested that Zoom’s new terms of service could allow for the data you share in your meetings to be used in training Zoom’s artificial intelligence (AI) models.  This week, Zoom issued a clarification and ensured users they will use no audio, video, or chat content for training their models without customer […]

Security Update Needed for versions 5.15.0 and 5.15.1

Zoom has released this notice for all users: We identified a vulnerability in Zoom Desktop Clients 5.15.0 (Windows/macOS), 5.15.1 (Windows), and certain other products (i.e., iOS, Android, Linux, Zoom Rooms, SDK) – primarily versions 5.15.0. Users on these versions will be prompted to update before they can join meetings and these versions will no longer […]

Support Ending for Zoom Versions older than 5.12.2

On August 5, 2023, support will end for Zoom software versions older than 5.12.2. Users running older versions will be unable to start or join a meeting until they update to a supported version. Updating is a quick and easy process, but to avoid inconvenience, you may want to take action before the cut-off date. […]

New “Q&A” Feature for Meetings

Formerly available only in Zoom Webinar, the “Q&A” feature is now supported in standard Meetings on VCU Zoom. With Q&A, meeting participants can type in questions to be answered by the host or co-host either verbally or via text-based response. Q&A differs from “Chat” in that only the Host and Co-Host can see the questions […]

Using Meeting Templates

Videoconferencing has become a part of our daily lives, but not all meetings are alike. In the course of a day, you may use Zoom to collaborate with a small team of colleagues, teach a class with dozens of students, hold an information session open to many guests outside the university, and so on. Each […]

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