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Cloud Recording Enabled for “HIPAA” Account Members

Zoom’s Cloud Recording feature has now been approved for VCU Zoom users whose departments or business units are assigned to the “HIPAA” sub-account. Cloud Recording was already enabled for departments that do not deal with HIPAA-regulated data in their normal operations. Please note that Zoom Cloud Recordings made by HIPAA sub-account members will not be […]

New “Zoom Pro 1.3” Tool in Canvas

Canvas Third Party Tool Removals & Upgrades have been completed by the VCU Learning Systems team (see the LS Blog for more details). Users of the “Zoom” and “Zoom HIPAA” tools in Canvas will note that these options have disappeared from their course navigation. To re-enable access, go to “Settings” and under the “Navigation” tab, look […]

Zoom 6.0 Is Here

Released on April 15, Zoom version 6.0 brings with it more numerous and significant changes than the typical update, including an overall change to the look and feel of the user interface and a new name for the application itself, now rebranded as “Zoom Workplace.” The overall visual environment has been overhauled with newly available […]

New “All Screens Mode” Useful for Virtual Proctoring

With client version 5.17.10, Zoom now offers “All Screens Mode,” allowing the meeting host to request all participants to share their screen at once, presenting the host with a scrollable, side-by-side view of the participants and their shared desktop(s). This feature is designed to provide a more streamlined and straightforward proctoring experience, focused on seeing […]

Security Vulnerability May Require Client Update

Zoom has identified a critical vulnerability in its Windows client versions 5.16.5 and below, where “improper input validation in Zoom Desktop Client for Windows…may allow an unauthenticated user to conduct an escalation of privilege via network access.” Zoom recommends that all users update to the latest version of the client as soon as possible to avoid risk. […]

New “Screen Sharing Presenter View”

The latest release of the Zoom client offers new options when sharing content. With Zoom Client version 15.7.2, “Screen Sharing Presenter View” combines your video and shared screen to present everything in one frame. Presenters have a few different layout options, ranging from having the content appear over-the-shoulder of your video, to having the presenter […]

Changes to the Zoom Portal Page

After January 9, your VCU Zoom account page will display a slightly updated header and footer, featuring VCU branding and links to VCU-specific resources. The current design displays Zoom’s default links to information about their various product offerings, plans and pricing, press releases, etc., most of which is not relevant or helpful to users on […]

New “Surveys” feature

You may have noticed the new “Surveys” tab on your Zoom account page where “Polls” used to be. You can still create polls and quizzes, but Zoom has added the ability to create and share surveys both in and outside of meetings. To create a survey, click on the “Survey” option in the navigation bar […]

Adding an ASL interpreter to your meetings

Enhanced support for American Sign Language interpretation is now available for Zoom meetings. Hosts can designate one or more participants as ASL Interpreters, either when scheduling the meeting or with the meeting already in progress. When a participant is tagged as an ASL interpreter, participants will see an “Interpretation” icon added to their toolbar. With […]

Using the new “Zoom Notes” feature

Starting with client version 5.15.12, all Zoom users have access to a new, built-in note-taking app. With it, you can collaborate with colleagues to document your thoughts, ideas and action plans both in and out of Zoom meetings. With the new version of Zoom installed, you’ll find the “Notes” feature in your meeting toolbar: When […]

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