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Update to Zoom version 5.3 or higher by Aug. 6

We’ve just been informed that on August 6, 2022, Zoom will be retiring Zoom client versions below 5.3.0 to address a critical security vulnerability. If you are running a Zoom client version below 5.3.0, you will need to update it by August 6. Anyone running versions older than 5.3.0 will not be able to join […]

Large Scale Zoom Outage Resolved

Sometime shortly after 10AM today, Zoom experienced an outage that affected multiple customers including VCU. During this outage, in-progress meetings were unaffected but it was not possible for users to log in at the VCU portal. Function was restored after about a half-hour of down time. At this time, it’s still unknown what caused the […]

Temporary outage for VPN users (resolved)

Some users of VCU Zoom (and various other applications) may have experienced difficulty this morning accessing their accounts. The issue should only have affected off-campus users who were logged into the VPN client while attempting to access applications that rely on the Central Authentication Service. Anyone not on the VPN when logging in at […]

Changes to Meeting “Registration” feature

In an effort to improve the security of Zoom Meetings and Webinars, attendees who register for events will no longer see the join link and related information (meeting passcode, etc) displayed on the registration confirmation page in their web browser. Attendees will receive an email confirmation at the address they entered when registering, and this […]

New “Whiteboard” and “Saved Polls” Features

VCU Zoom users can now take advantage of two newly enhanced features. The first is Zoom’s new “Whiteboard” collaboration tool. With it, you can create whiteboards that include text, drawings, “sticky notes” or images and share them with collaborators in or outside of your meetings. This could be useful for projects that evolve over longer […]

New Features offered with Zoom 5.10.0

The latest version of the Zoom desktop client (5.10.0) adds several new features of interest: Avatars With this new feature, users can replace their camera view with an animated avatar. Zoom uses your device’s camera to detect your face and applies a selected avatar effect, matching your mouth and head movements, eye blinks, etc. Hosts have […]

Customizing Your Waiting Room

You now have the ability to customize your Zoom Waiting Room beyond the default formatting. By default, guests who arrive to a meeting with Waiting Room enabled are presented with a generic “Please Wait” message. Now you can customize this message for a more personalized experience. To make use of this feature, log into your […]

Zoom Downtime Planned for 3/19

On Saturday, March 19 between 8 and 10 PM (EST), VCU Zoom will be undergoing necessary maintenance by the vendor.  During this time, it will not be possible to log in at the VCU Zoom portal to start or join meetings.   The vendor is hopeful this work will be completed in less than the requested two […]

Router Maintenance May Impact Zoom on 3/1/22

VCU Zoom was impacted by network service disruptions on February 11, making it difficult for some users to log in using their university credentials at various points throughout the day. VCU Network Services has identified the router that caused these issues and will be replacing it on Tuesday, March 1st, at 2 a.m. (EST). A […]

Joining Meetings Via Phone

Although Zoom is designed as a video conferencing solution, it is possible to join meetings via telephone as an audio-only participant. The standard wording of a Zoom Meeting invitation includes multiple dial-in numbers for phone-based participants to choose from based on their geographic location. When joining via phone, you’ll be greeted by an auto-attendant that […]

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