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Upgraded Zoom Features for the New Year

Several popular Zoom features sport a new look and enhanced capabilities as we enter the new year, with client version 5.13.3 introducing updates to avatars, live transcription and in-meeting polls. Speaker Attribution for Live Automated Captions When viewing automated captions in a live meeting, the speaker’s profile picture will now appear next to the caption […]

Update Your Chrome Scheduler Extension

As related in the previous post, Zoom has published an update to their Chrome Scheduler Extension for use with Google Calendar. This was originally scheduled for November but seems to have occurred on Dec. 14. There were some initial difficulties with the application, preventing users from accessing the “Make It A Zoom Meeting” option when […]

A Note To Users of Zoom’s Chrome Extension

Google is moving to Manifest Version 3 as the official platform for all Chrome browser extensions and will be ending support for the previous standard, Manifest Version 2.  This will impact numerous Chrome-based applications, including Zoom’s Scheduler Extension for Chrome, which you may be using to schedule Zoom meetings via Google Calendar.  On November 26, […]

Zoom Ending Support for versions older than 5.8.6

Under Zoom’s Quarterly Lifecycle Policy for software, support for client versions older than 5.8.6 will end on November 5, 2022. Starting on that date, if you’re running a Zoom version older than 5.8.6, you’ll be prompted to update before you can join meetings. If you’re unable to immediately update, you’ll be provided the option to […]

Chrome Users: Switch to Zoom PWA Soon

If you’re using a Chromebook to participate in Zoom meetings, you’ll need to switch to the Zoom progressive web application (PWA) soon. In August, Zoom officially ended support for their Chrome OS App. On November 5, the app will no longer be searchable in the Chrome Web Store.  Starting in January, whenever Chrome OS users click Zoom links, the PWA will automatically launch, instead of the […]

A Note About “App” Notifications

Today, some VCU users received an e-mail notification about the availability of the “Box” app for Zoom. If that includes you, the message may have led to some confusion. Box is a Cloud-based content management application that can, in fact, be integrated with VCU Zoom, but it requires users to have a paid Box account. […]

Zoom is ending support for 32-bit iOS devices

The Zoom software client version due for release this week will be the first that is not available for installation on 32-bit iOS devices. Among the devices affected are the iPhone 5/5C and below, iPad (4th generation and below) and iPad mini. The highest version supported on these devices will continue to be 5.11.3. It […]

Update to Zoom version 5.3 or higher by Aug. 6

We’ve just been informed that on August 6, 2022, Zoom will be retiring Zoom client versions below 5.3.0 to address a critical security vulnerability. If you are running a Zoom client version below 5.3.0, you will need to update it by August 6. Anyone running versions older than 5.3.0 will not be able to join […]

Large Scale Zoom Outage Resolved

Sometime shortly after 10AM today, Zoom experienced an outage that affected multiple customers including VCU. During this outage, in-progress meetings were unaffected but it was not possible for users to log in at the VCU portal. Function was restored after about a half-hour of down time. At this time, it’s still unknown what caused the […]

Temporary outage for VPN users (resolved)

Some users of VCU Zoom (and various other applications) may have experienced difficulty this morning accessing their accounts. The issue should only have affected off-campus users who were logged into the VPN client while attempting to access applications that rely on the Central Authentication Service. Anyone not on the VPN when logging in at […]

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