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Recent media reports have suggested that Zoom’s new terms of service could allow for the data you share in your meetings to be used in training Zoom’s artificial intelligence (AI) models.  This week, Zoom issued a clarification and ensured users they will use no audio, video, or chat content for training their models without customer consent.

Additionally, VCU has a separate written agreement with Zoom that supersedes the online terms of service and acts as a further guarantee. This is addressed in the following paragraph from the above link:

“We will not use customer content, including education records or protected health information, to train our artificial intelligence models without your consent. We routinely enter into student data protection agreements with our education customers and legally required business associate agreements (BAA) with our healthcare customers. Our practices and handling of education records, pupil data, and protected healthcare data are controlled by these separate terms and applicable laws.”

Based on this, conversations and content shared in your VCU Zoom meetings will remain as secure and private as you choose to make them. As always, feel free to contact us at with any questions or concerns.

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