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On August 5, 2023, support will end for Zoom software versions older than 5.12.2. Users running older versions will be unable to start or join a meeting until they update to a supported version. Updating is a quick and easy process, but to avoid inconvenience, you may want to take action before the cut-off date.

Depending on your department’s policies for university-owned computing devices, you may need to work with your desktop support team to install an update. Please note that if you’re unable to update immediately, you will still have the option to participate in meetings using the “Join from your browser” option.

To see if this change affects you, open your desktop client and click on your avatar at the upper right. Go to “Help” and then “About Zoom” to see what version you’re currently running, and use the “Check for Updates” option to find and load the newest version. (On the mobile app, hit the “More” (“…”) menu button and look under “About” to see your version. ) Keep in mind that with Zoom’s numbering system, “5.12” is higher than “5.2” or “5.3” etc. As long as you’re at 5.12.2 or higher, you should be in good shape, though of course it’s always recommended to stay up to date as improvements and features are added all the time. At this writing, the latest release is 5.15.2.

Under Zoom’s Software Lifecycle Policy, a minimum software version is enforced on a quarterly basis. Please check their support article and status page for future dates and versions.

As always, you’re encouraged to reach out to us at with any questions or concerns.

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