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Canvas Third Party Tool Removals & Upgrades have been completed by the VCU Learning Systems team (see the LS Blog for more details).

Users of the “Zoom” and “Zoom HIPAA” tools in Canvas will note that these options have disappeared from their course navigation. To re-enable access, go to “Settings” and under the “Navigation” tab, look for the new labels “Zoom Pro 1.3” or “Zoom HIPAA 1.3” (depending on which account your department is assigned to). Highlight the one you need and choose “Enable.” This should add the renamed tool to your course navigation. (Click “Save” to complete the update, and remember you can drag and drop the tool to place it higher or lower on your navigation menu as desired).

The renamed tool will operate the same as before, allowing you to view your upcoming and previous Zoom meetings, schedule new meetings and access Cloud Recordings.

For additional information about Canvas tool integration at VCU, and how to request the installation of a tool at the institution or departmental level, please see: All questions regarding this change should be directed to

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