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After January 9, your VCU Zoom account page will display a slightly updated header and footer, featuring VCU branding and links to VCU-specific resources.

The current design displays Zoom’s default links to information about their various product offerings, plans and pricing, press releases, etc., most of which is not relevant or helpful to users on the VCU plan. The new design will provide links to VCU’s Zoom Support team, the VCU Zoom resource page, instructional videos and this blog.

In all other respects, your account page will retain the functions and layout you’re familiar with, and the entry page at will remain unchanged. No interruption of service is anticipated.

As always, if you have questions or concerns about this or other matters related to your Zoom account, you’re encouraged to reach out to us at

Best wishes for a successful and productive Spring 2024 semester.

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