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You may have noticed the new “Surveys” tab on your Zoom account page where “Polls” used to be. You can still create polls and quizzes, but Zoom has added the ability to create and share surveys both in and outside of meetings.

To create a survey, click on the “Survey” option in the navigation bar on your account page and then choose “Create.” You’ll have the same question options you’re used to with Polls (single choice, multiple choice, matching, short answer, long answer, rating, etc).

Please note that by default, all responses will be anonymous. You may find it more helpful to collect the email addresses of your respondent email addresses. To do so, find the gear-shaped “settings” icon at the top right corner and UNcheck the box for “require answers to be anonymous.” With this disabled, “email address” will appear as the first item on the survey, and will be a required field.

The text displayed in the “feedback after submission” box is the default message respondents will see once they’ve submitted their answers. You can customize this message as desired.

You also have the ability to customize the appearance of your survey with different background colors and/or a header image, using the “painter’s palette” icon next to Settings.

The third, “eye”-shaped button allows you to Preview your survey as it will appear to others. Once you’re happy with the questions and design, hit “Save” to obtain a link you can share with others.

Once responses are submitted, you can use the “View Results” button to see the total count, the average time spent on the survey, the completion rate (how many respondents made it through the entire survey) and for single or multiple choice questions, the percentage for each response. You can also view “results by respondent” to see how each person answered each question. All of this data can be downloaded as a .csv file for use in MS Excel or similar spreadsheet applications. Under the “More” (three dots) icon next to the survey name, you’ll find the option to end the survey whenever you choose by retiring the survey form link.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There does not appear to be a way to prevent respondents from filling out a survey more than once, which raises the risk of skewed analytics. To compensate, you may wish to require respondents to submit their email addresses so it’s easier to identify who may have submitted multiple responses.

Zoom Surveys could be a helpful tool to gather information from meeting participants prior to meetings, for example to determine what topics they’d most like to see covered in the meeting. Or it could be a way to gather feedback after a meeting to gauge participant satisfaction.

As always, feel free to contact us at with any questions or concerns about this or other Zoom features.

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