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Enhanced support for American Sign Language interpretation is now available for Zoom meetings.

Hosts can designate one or more participants as ASL Interpreters, either when scheduling the meeting or with the meeting already in progress. When a participant is tagged as an ASL interpreter, participants will see an “Interpretation” icon added to their toolbar. With it, they’ll have the option to display a new window that shows the interpreter. This window can be repositioned or resized to meet the user’s needs.

If more than one ASL interpreter is assigned to the meeting, they can take turns as the meeting unfolds. Priority will always be given to the person labeled “Interpreter 1,” but if they turn off their camera, they will be immediately replaced in the “ASL Interpreter” window by the next interpreter in line. Then if Interpreter 1 wants to take over again, they just need to turn their camera back on and their image will replace the other interpreter’s.

To enable this feature, log into your account at and go to “Settings > Meeting > In Meeting (Advanced).” Make sure ASL Interpretation is enabled.

When scheduling your meeting, list the persons you’d like to serve as interpreters. They’ll receive an invitation letting them know their role in the meeting.

It’s important to note that Zoom does not provide interpreters; it just makes it possible for you to add them. You’ll need to find someone willing to serve in the role, whether that’s a colleague who knows ASL or a professional interpreter you’ve hired from an outside service.

If you have access to Cloud Recording, you can set your recording to include the ASL interpreter video. Go to “Settings > Recording > Cloud Recording” and check the boxes for “Record the Interpretation” and “Record Sign Language Interpreter.”

For more information on this feature, see Zoom’s information page. As always if you have any questions about this or other features, feel free to reach out to us at

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