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Add Closed Captioning to Older Kaltura Recordings

Have you ever needed to recreate an older Kaltura recording and wished you had a transcript to go by? Closed captioning is enabled by default on newer recordings but not on those created more than a few years ago. The good news is that it is possible (and easy!) to have Kaltura close caption ANY […]

Meet From “Anywhere” With Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

We are in an unprecedented situation where so much of the collaborative work we typically accomplish face to face is now being conducted online from our dining room tables, kitchen counters, etc. Your colleagues don’t have to know that, though! Thanks to Zoom’s virtual background feature, you can transport yourself to an exotic beach, a […]

Convert a Face to Face Case to an Interactive Online Activity

Do you need to move a case study online? Rather than posting a Word document or adding your case as a discussion question, consider sending your case to Elizabeth to have her convert it to a more interactive format. Below are screenshots of a sampling of cases that have been created at the School of […]

How to Put Your Tests Online

There are two ways to convert a printed version of your test for students to complete on Blackboard: Option 1: Manually create the test Open your course and go to Control Panel > Course Tools > Tests, Surveys and Pools > Tests Click Build Test Name your test and add a description and instructions (both […]

How to Have Your Face to Face Class Recorded (Echo)

Please email or submit a ticket through Web Help Desk (Ticket type: Online Learning > Echo360) if you would like to have your class recorded for students that might not be able to attend in person. Recordings begin and end automagically at the scheduled time. Good To Know Recordings do not have to be […]

How to Use Collaborate to Meet with your Students Real-Time

Getting there In your course, go to Tools > Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Click on the name of your course to enter the default course room that is always available OR select Create Session to schedule a session for a specific date and time. Audio options Click the Join Course Room button Click Allow if you […]

How to Use Kaltura to Create a Lecture

The attached documentation steps you through the process of installing the Kaltura software, using Kaltura to record lectures, and adding those recordings to your Blackboard course. Where can I record? You can record in the Faculty Multimedia Room (3014) or on your own computer. Kaltura runs on Windows and Mac. Use the instructions below to […]

Kaltura: 2 New Features

This week, Learning Systems added the following new features to Kaltura: Variable Playback Speed The inability to control video playback speed was brought to the attention of SON IT by a student. He and a number of his peers were frustrated that this feature, which is available in Echo, was missing from Kaltura. Learning Systems […]

Sizing Kaltura Videos

Due to a recent change, videos added to Blackboard using the Kaltura mashup no longer appear as a small thumbnail that plays when clicked, but instead display in a larger format.  If you prefer a smaller clip for your course, you need to edit the video in Kaltura Media Space before adding it to Blackboard. […]

Adding Other Instructors, TAs, Course Builders or Graders to Blackboard

Today’s post addresses a SON IT frequently asked question: “How can I add someone to my Blackboard course?”.  Students are moved in and out of courses automagically based on their Banner status, but adding an unenrolled user is a manual process that involves locating that user on Blackboard and assigning a role. Adding the User […]

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