Woman at desk wearing beach attire.

We are in an unprecedented situation where so much of the collaborative work we typically accomplish face to face is now being conducted online from our dining room tables, kitchen counters, etc. Your colleagues don’t have to know that, though! Thanks to Zoom’s virtual background feature, you can transport yourself to an exotic beach, a ski resort…or even somewhere on the VCU campus! There are a few backgrounds already built into Zoom, but you can add any picture or video to customize your experience.

Technology Services created this How-To post that shows how easy it is to add a virtual background. For even more fun, VCU, Shutterstock, Modsy, Unsplash and Canva have made a number of backgrounds available for download at no cost:

View and download VCU backgrounds

View and download Shutterstock backgrounds

View and download Modsy backgrounds

View and download Unsplash backgrounds

View and download Canva backgrounds

Where will you be during your next Zoom meeting?

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