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I forgot to configure an assignment on Canvas as Turnitin. What can I do?

If you forgot to configure an assignment on Canvas as a Turnitin assignment prior to students submitting their papers, there is an option. You can use the Turnitin website to check the submissions. To do this, create a Turnitin assignment in your Canvas sandbox course. If you have forgotten how to set that up, check […]

Add Closed Captioning to Older Kaltura Recordings

Have you ever needed to recreate an older Kaltura recording and wished you had a transcript to go by? Closed captioning is enabled by default on newer recordings but not on those created more than a few years ago. The good news is that it is possible (and easy!) to have Kaltura close caption ANY […]


What is InterviewStream? InterviewStream is an online software application that allows your students to prepare for job interviews by using an online mock interview process. Instructors can work with folks at the VCU Career Center to set up an interview assignment for their students. The YouTube video below is a quick overview of what InterviewStream […]

Download your Gradebook

At the end of each semester it is a good idea to download your course gradebook and store it in a safe place. With the decommissioning of Blackboard May 31, 2021, it is particularly important to download gradebooks from courses taught in Blackboard. Both documents reference the VA State Library Record Retention and Disposition Schedule. […]

Student Video Assignments

In some nursing classes you will want your students to record videos of themselves and post those videos to the Learning Management System. Below is a document you can give to your students that shows them how to install an app on their phone called KMS Go that synchronizes with Kaltura. It will allow your […]

Use SoftChalk Create for Formative Assessment

Often times in courses there will be vocabulary words that are essential to know cold, in order to develop a higher level of understanding. This is certainly the case for courses in the psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner concentration. VCU Nursing instructor Lyons Hardy wanted her students to have a number of activities that would […]

Meet From “Anywhere” With Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

We are in an unprecedented situation where so much of the collaborative work we typically accomplish face to face is now being conducted online from our dining room tables, kitchen counters, etc. Your colleagues don’t have to know that, though! Thanks to Zoom’s virtual background feature, you can transport yourself to an exotic beach, a […]

How to Host Zoom Meetings from Blackboard

We are all using different technologies to connect with our classes during this time. Some folks are using asynchronous technologies such as VoiceThread and Kaltura, while others are using synchronous technologies like Collaborate or Zoom. The good news is that the folks at Technology Services have installed a tool in Blackboard that would allow you […]

Convert a Face to Face Case to an Interactive Online Activity

Do you need to move a case study online? Rather than posting a Word document or adding your case as a discussion question, consider sending your case to Elizabeth to have her convert it to a more interactive format. Below are screenshots of a sampling of cases that have been created at the School of […]

How to Put Your Tests Online

There are two ways to convert a printed version of your test for students to complete on Blackboard: Option 1: Manually create the test Open your course and go to Control Panel > Course Tools > Tests, Surveys and Pools > Tests Click Build Test Name your test and add a description and instructions (both […]

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