There are two ways to convert a printed version of your test for students to complete on Blackboard:

Option 1: Manually create the test

  • Open your course and go to Control Panel > Course Tools > Tests, Surveys and Pools > Tests
  • Click Build Test
  • Name your test and add a description and instructions (both optional)
  • Click Submit
  • Click Create Question and select your question type. TYPE your question and all possible answer responses into Blackboard.

Copying and pasting from Word or another source into Blackboard is not recommended and may prevent students from completing a test.

Getting Help

Blackboard help and tutorials

Option 2: Send a Word version of your test to Elizabeth or Sue

If your test is already in Word we can use Respondus to convert and upload it to your Blackboard course. Email to let us know of your request and make sure you include the ID of the course in Blackboard to which the test should be uploaded.

Deploy your test

  • Go to the area of the course where you want students to take the test.
  • Select Assessments > Test
  • Click on the name of your test
  • Click Submit
  • Set your preferred deployment options

Please refer to the following SON Nursing Education blog posts for best practices and instructions related to test deployment:

Blackboard test deployment checklist

Provide accommodations for students taking Blackboard tests

Promote academic integrity by setting feedback options on Blackboard tests

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