Do you have a requirement in a discussion that students must post a reply to their peers that has a different due date? Previously, the only option was to post two due dates in the text of the discussion. Now, you can assign a peer review to a discussion board!

This is a screenshot of student view for a Canvas discussion with peer reviews enabled. Notice the orange bar at the top that has a different due date for the peer review.

Canvas has enabled peer reviews for Discussion Boards. When you create a discussion, make sure to select “graded” under options and the “Peer Reviews” option will appear.

This is a screenshot of the “Require Peer Reviews” option that has been enabled on a discussion. When selecting “Automatically Assign Peer Reviews” you can add a date that is independent of the discussion board due date.

The benefit of using peer reviews is that when you use the discussion board kebab menu and choose “Peer Reviews” you will notice a checkmark next to the student’s name that completed a peer review and an exclamation mark next to the student’s name that has yet to complete their reviews.

This is a screenshot of the peer reviews screen that has been accessed from a discussion board. It clearly shows the status of the students assigned to complete a peer review and whether that review has been completed.

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